A Tale of Two Revolutions

June’s School of Light discussion, to be led by our Masonic scholar, Ill Bro Herb Merrick, 33º, IGH, will take on a topic of two centuries-old revolutions that have eerie similarities to the current unrest.

In light of current events, we will exam the difference between protests and mobs and the dangers we must balance as Scottish Rite Masons. The creed of a Scottish Right Mason (below) shows a path, but presents challenges. 

“The populace has always been ready to turn upon and rend its benefactors…. the mob or populace is aptly symbolized by the setting maul or club, the fit weapon of blind and frenzied brutality. And as nothing is so unreasoning as a mob, as it hates nothing so much as the superiority of the intellect, which it always regards as its enemy, always the ready instrument of the Priesthood and of the Kings, it always has rejoiced when it could destroy the wise and the great.” Albert Pike, Esoterika

Scottish Rite Creed
Human progress is our cause,
liberty of thought our supreme wish,
freedom of conscience our mission,
and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal.