Fall Reunion 2019 Schedule


Pageants and Communications
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Bro. John G. Crary, 32º, KCCH Fall 2019 Memorial Class

Time                                      Thursday Evening, 

1800    Class Orientation by Class Director & Secretary
1830    Conferral of the 4th Degree, Perfect Master, in the Lodge Room
1930    Communication of the following degrees in the Library

5th Degree       Perfect Master
6th Degree       Confidential Secretary
7th Degree       Provost and Judge
8th Degree       Intendent of the Building
9th Degree       Elu of the Nine
10th Degree     Elu of the Fifteen
11th Degree     Elu of the Twelve
12th Degree     Master Architect
13th Degree     Royal Arch of Solomon

2100    Conferral of the 14th Degree, Perfect Elu, in the Lodge Room
2200    All bodies retire for the evening

Time                                        Friday Evening, 

1830    Communication of the following degrees in the Library

15th Degree     Knight of the East
16th Degree     Prince of Jerusalem
17th Degree     Knight of the East and West

1930    Conferral of the 18th Degree, Knight of Rose Criox, in the Lodge Room
2100    Communication of the following degrees in the Library

19th Degree     Grand Pontiff
20th Degree     Master of the Symbolic Lodge
21st Degree     Noahchite or Prussian Knight
22nd Degree     Prince of Libanas
23rd Degree     Chief of the Tabernacle
24th Degree     Prince of the Tabernacle
25th Degree     Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26th Degree     Prince of Mercy
27th Degree     Knight Commander of the Temple
28th Degree     Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept
29th Degree     Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew

2200    All bodies retire for the evening

Time                                               Saturday, 

0800    Communication of the 19th Degree through 29th Degree (continued) in the Library
0900    Conferral of the 30th Degree, Knight Kadosh, in the Lodge Room
1130    Lunch in the Dining Room, Main Floor
1230    Communication of the following degree in the Library, Lower Level

31st Degree     Inspector Inquisitor

1300    Conferral of the 32nd Degree, Master of the Royal Secret, in the Lodge Room
1500    Lodge closed in preparation of the Gala Dinner

Time                                       Saturday Evening, 

1730    Class Photos will be taken in the Recreation Area, Lower Level

Class members need to be ‘photo ready’ in Class “A” or coat/tie

1800    Gala Dinner and Main Reunion Event in the Dining Room, Main Level
2100    Reunion is concluded.

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