December 14 – Meeting and School of Light

Albert Pike will be at our School of Light (in spirit 🙂 )

A toasty Boughton Memorial Hall awaits your arrival on Thursday evening, December 14th.  We will begin with the Stated Meeting in the lodge hall at 7 pm.  There is a sudden uptick in happenings and events in your Valley so your attendance would be most helpful.

Following the formalities, we will retire to the Library and conduct our School of Light.  We have been discussing the various tools used in Masonic Geometry, their practical uses, their Masonic uses, and the divine inspiration given to mankind to use the tools to advance the good in man.

NOTE NOTE NOTE >>>> Please mark your calendar now to reserve April 12-14, 2018 for our SPRING REUNION.  This is most important for 2018-2019 Grand Lodge Officers from our Valley.  Right now, there are no known conflicts with this date.  Please advocate to Grand Lodge to stay off these dates.  This is our only chance for a local Reunion in 2018, the Fall Reunion being a state-wide event with place TBD.  We have a lot of catching up to do in recognition of 50-Year members and other honorees so our SPRING REUNION dinner will be extra special and we need all hands on deck.