Déjà Vu Plus 102?

For meeting connection information, contact the Secretary

My Brother,
The Personal Representative called an audible: Due to the heat in the lodge (even the basement is hot and we’ve had 100º+ outdoor heat indices daily), we’ll be meeting online this month.  We’ll re-explore an in-person meeting for next month.

July’s School of Light discussion will be led by Bro. Bruce Shopfner, 32º based on research by Ill. Bro. Herb Merrick, 33º, IGH.  Attending brothers are encouraged to bring their research to share.  

Déjà Vu Plus 102?: There are many parallels and dichotomies between the 1918 pandemic and the current COVID-19 crisis. We’ll be exploring Masonry during the early 20th Century and what history can teach us about thriving in our current era. 

If you did not receive an email with the connection information, please contact the Secretary. His contact information is on Page 1 of every Pontem Lux newsletter.