October 2019 Events

Stated Meeting – October 10, 2019 – 1900 Hours

Mysterious Ladder of Kadosh

After a short, necessary business meeting, the School of Light for the evening will be a walk-though rehearsal of the Knights Kadosh 30º Degree. Ill. Bro. Steven Songer, 33º, IGH will provide an oratory synopsis of the first three apartments. We will then walk-through the Mysterious Ladder of Kadosh that is the 30º. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and get more light on this pivotal degree. Since there are many revelations in this degree, we must suspend the open invitation to those who are not members of the Scottish Rite.


Fall 2019 Reunion – October 24-25-26, 2019

Feast of Tishri, Thanksgiving, and Sukkoth

We need every brother to heed the tug on his cable tow to assist with putting on the degrees and the myriad other activities that make a Reunion successful. Please clear your calendar and plan to attend some, if not all the event. The Reunion will culminate with the Feast of Tishri where we will cap our newest Scottish Rite brothers and celebrate our Craft with a wonderful meal and Masonic Education. If you plan to attend, especially the dinner, please notify the Secretary as soon as possible but no later than Wednesday, October 22nd.


Register for the Feast of Tishri:


    Member of Class of 1969Member of Class of 1994Member of Class of 2019
    If you checked any block above, your dinner and that of your spouse is complementary.

    All others are $20 per person:

    Including yourself, how many will be in your party?
    Please list the names of others in your party.

    I agree that I am committed to paying for the meal(s) reserved for me whether I attend or not. If my meal is complementary, I agree that I may be charged for the meal if I am a no-show. To avoid penalty, any cancellations must be done by 5 pm, Wednesday, October 23, 2019 by calling 913-240-4403 and leaving a message.