Gala Dinner Registration Open

All Welcome to the Feast!  Register Today.

In celebration of Spring 2018 and the newest 32º Masters of the Royal Secret, there will be a special dinner and ceremony which will begin at 1800 hours (6 pm) in the Dining Room, Boughton Hall, Kearney Avenue, Fort Leavenworth.  Registration for dinner is required (below).  Dress is coat and tie  for the gents.  Scottish Rite Masons are requested to wear their caps.  All Masons, ladies and guests are welcome to attend.

In addition to the Billy J McAfee, 33º, IGH Memorial Class, we will be joined by four members of the classes of 1965-1968 who will give us a historical recounting of Scottish Rite 50 years ago.  We also has one 25-year member coming from the Class of 1993.  Mary Ann McAfee, wife of Brother Billy McAfee will also be in attendance as will our Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Orient of Kansas, Ill. Bro. Hugh Gill III, 33º IGH.

Dinner is $20 per person and is all inclusive: Meal, drinks, taxes, donation to Job’s Daughters, and assistance to cover honoree meals.  Cash or check written to Armed Forces Scottish Rite Bodies will be gratfully accepted.

We anticipate a good turn-out so we need to make sure everyone coming is registered no later than Tuesday, April 10, 2018.  Register now because after April 10th, you will be admitted on a space-available basis and dinner will be $30 per person regardless of status.  If you registered, your name should appear on the Reunions page.