“God Rod” Appears at Renewal Ceremony

Pastor Chaplain Gary Sanford, COL, USA, Ret. holding the infamous “God Rod”.

A great friend and counselor to military service members for decades was our special guest at the Tuesday, March 12, 2019 Dinner and Ceremony of Remembrance & Renewal. Pastor Gary “Sam” Sanford, Chaplain, Colonel, US Army, retired brought his “God Rod”, a thick, long walking stick covered from top to bottom with crests from military units that Pastor Sam has visited over his long careers. After he served his fellow creatures in the military, he then served as the chaplain at the Leavenworth Veterans Administration protestant chapel. He then founded an evangelical church in Leavenworth called “The Rock” which has become very popular, especially among veterans.

Pastor Sam at The Rock

Pastor Sanford has recently recovered from health issues so we are especially grateful that this special soldier of the Lord joined us at our special ceremony to remember our fallen brothers and our look forward to new beginnings.

Attendance was 22 Masons and their ladies for a very enjoyable evening when we assemble in the spirit of fraternity near the vernal equinox, the commencement of spring to renew acquaintances, to remember our friends, and to pledge ourselves to aiding humanity.

The ceremony was in four parts that cerebrated the past, present, and future:  
* Remembrance of our brothers who have departed in the last year
* Symbolic (Mystic) Banquet
* Tenebrae, Extinguishing of the Lights
* Fiat Lux, Relighting the Lights
The entire event was open to the public.