Honours for Bros. Kempf and Osborne

I am pleased to announce that two Armed Forces Scottish Rite Bodies brothers have been elected by the Supreme Council at its biennial session to receive honours: Brother Steve Kempf will be conferred the honour of the 33rd Degree, Inspector General Honorary (IGH) and Brother Jerry Osborne will be invested with the rank and dignity of Knight Commander Court of Honor (KCCH).

On behalf of all Scottish Rite Masons in the Valley of Fort Leavenworth I extend both hearty congratulations to Brothers Steve and Jerry on their recognition by the Supreme Council and our deep gratitude for their tireless and selfless efforts to advance the causes and interests of the Scottish Rite and of Masonry in general. Well done my brothers!

Ill Hugh Gill, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General (SGIG) in Kansas, will host the honors conferral ceremonies at the Scottish Rite Temple in Wichita on 18 November. While the 33rd Degree ceremony is a closed event the KCCH investiture is open to the general public. A banquet will follow the ceremonies on the evening of the 18th. I encourage all to attend and acknowledge and support Brothers Kempf and Osborn.

Warm Fraternal Regards,
Tom Dials, 33°
Personal Representative