HOT WASH – Tuesday April 17th

Body Masters, Degree Masters, and Key Players,

Looks like the only opportunity to gather everyone while the events of this past Thursday-Friday-Saturday are still fresh in our minds is tomorrow evening, immediately following the FC Degree.  After that, we can’t get everyone back together until May 10th due to numerous schedule conflicts.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 
One hour commencing approx. 8:00 pm (immediately following FC degree)
Library – Boughton Memorial Hall
Spring 2018 Reunion
After Action Review – Hot Wash
Here are the sequence of events:
  • Publication of Pontem Lux (Feb 15th) with Spring 2018 Reunion information
  • Registration for Class Members (March)
  • Registration for Gala Dinner (April)
  • Reminders/Info via Constant Contact, Slack, email, phone, bulletin board
  • Schedule of Events Published
  • Dinner Program Published
  • Exemplification of the 4º
  • Communication of the 5º – 13º
  • Exemplification of the 14º
  • Communication of the 15º – 17º
  • Exemplification of the 18º
  • Communication of the 19º – 29º
  • Morning gut-bombs
  • Exemplification of the 30º
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Communication of the 31º
  • Exemplification of the 32º
  • Dining Room set-up for Gala Dinner
  • Gala Dinner and Presentations on Saturday evening
  • Dining Room Clean-Up
If you are totally unavailable to attend the Hot Wash, you may send your comments ahead of time via the Secretary page.
  • Please use Subject so we know what part of the reunion you are addressing
  • Use as many comment forms as necessary to cover all subjects you want to address