Important October Activities

Brother: There are three major items for your action and information: Survey, DINNER REGISTRATION, and Dues.

1. All Member Satisfaction Survey: This is your chance to tell Valley leadership exactly what you think. We are asking every member, whether local to Fort Leavenworth or not, whether engaged in Masonic activities or not, whether happy with what’s going on or not, to fill out the survey and “let us have it”: Your opinion, that is.  Please take the survey before end of day October 31, 2019.

2. Feast of Tishri Registration: Our Fall 2019 Reunion is taking place 24-26 October culminating with a special dinner at Boughton Hall at 1800 hours, Saturday, October 26h.  Since the Gala Banquet traditionally concluding the reunion coincides with the autumnal equinox, the dinner will also serve as the Feast of Tishri.  Please register (closed) and plan to join us for the feast, Masonic Education and Capping Ceremony. 
Registered Attendees (as of 1830 hours, 23OCT): Songer (2), Rimmey (1), Nieman (2), Reichert (1), Wright (1), Henke (2), Tavares (2), Millay (1), Hoelscher (1), Maurais (2), Osborne (2), Woods (1), Noland (1), Pate (1), Daniel (1), Shopfner (2), Dials (1), Hope (2), Kempf (1). Thanks!

3. Annual Dues and Donation Drive: If you have not yet paid dues or made a gift to Boughton Memorial Hall building association, now is the time to break out the check book or credit card and get this chore done.  If sending your response by mail, please do NOT separate the two halves of the dues notice.  You are required to validate your contact information and confirm in which blue lodge you hold valid membership.