Member Satisfaction Survey

Armed Forces Scottish Rite Bodies has commissioned a Member Satisfaction Survey to determine how the Valley leadership can best deliver the highest quality experience for it members.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Every member of our Valley is encouraged to respond. Whether you attend meetings or not, whether you are in the Fort Leavenworth area or not, member input is vital to making decisions that will return the highest quality experience to every member wheresoever dispersed.

Responses will be compiled and a compilation shared in the next edition of Pontem Lux, our Valley newsletter. Valley leadership will be using the data as input to strategic planning in 1Q20, if not before.

Click the button to start the survey.

The survey is designed so you may take your time in answering with the ability to save for later or to go back and update your answers until the close of the survey which is October 31, 2019.