Personal Representative Expresses Thanks

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The reinstatement of the observance of the Feast of Tishri took place on the evening of Seprtember 14, 2017 in Boughton Memorial Hall after a lapse of some two decades. Twenty brothers assembled to share fellowship, enjoy a sumptuous repast, and receive a homily by Ill Barry Albin, 33º IGH.  Bro. Barry, a Nazarene rabbi, spoke on the origins of the historic tradition of the feast, its significance within the Jewish religion and its observance by the Rite. Ill. Albin’s lesson traced the origin of Tishri back to the ancient Middle Eastern Feast of Succoth, actually beginning as a gentile (non-Hebrew) tribal observance celebrating the harvest over four millennia ago. Calling upon his extensive knowledge of both Old and New Testament Scripture, the Talmud and the Ritual of the Scottish Rite, Brother Albin walked us from the pre-Abramic days among the 70 tribes of the Middle East (the last of which was the Hebrews) to the present, and regaled us with a Talmudic tale of the formation of the special relationship between God and Abraham. It was an enthralling and entertaining presentation setting the bar for Masonic education, not only for the Valley but for the Orient of Kansas. We are grateful to Brother Albin for joining us for the evening and also offer our thanks to Brother Mike Allison, 32º KCCH, whose support enabled Ill. Albin to join us for the event.

Author is Illustrious Brother Thomas A. Dials, 33º IGH, Personal Representative to Ill. Hugh Gill III, 33º IGH, Sovereign Grand Inspector General of Kansas for the Fort Leavenworth Valley.  He is also Past Master, Hancock Lodge #311, Fort Leavenworth.