Gate Security Changes

Life is about to get very interesting for those wanting to come on post but not holding DoD  identification credentials.  –  Ill. Herb Merrick, 33°

New installation access rules will take effect on/about 4 February 2015. Due to an increased security posture, gaining access to Fort Leavenworth will become much more complicated. Visitors, not in possession of Department of Defense (DoD) issued identification credentials, will be screened using NCIC III checks.  The check are supposed take less than 15 minutes but will likely take much longer until kinks get worked out of the new process.   Brothers who want to attend Armed Forces Scottish Rite and will be subject to the check should contact the secretary several days beforehand to get a jump on the paperwork.  More information on policy changes can be seen in The Lamp article or on the Fort Leavenworth web page.