Rite Care Clinic coming to Fort Leavenworth

AFSR sponsors EFMP Outreach clinic.

The Scottish Rite brothers of the Fort Leavenworth Valley fund and support the troops through their Rite Care Clinics.  These screening clinics bring all the right medical professionals together in one location so that military families can have their special needs children tested and their status documented in a single day.  Normally, this process takes many months and requires the military members to travel to Kansas City and beyond as they make all the scheduled visits required to achieve Exceptional Family Member Status.

efmp-logoThe next clinic is on February 26, 2016.  Our contact is Bro. Steve Kempf.   There will be only one more in 2016 and will be held on Fort Leavenworth on May 13, 2016.

Scottish Rite brothers of the Fort Leavenworth Valley are requested to attend, if at all possible, so both beneficiaries and providers know that it was the Masons who made this important philanthropy possible.