School of Light Resumed June 9th

20150616_193015After a temporary hiatus while the Valley concentrated on the Spring Reunion, School of Light resumed after a short meeting. The discussion, led by Bro. Jerry, focused on the topic of Social Media for the Modern Mason: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Interestingly, we have a lot of channels to communicate with our brothers: Facebook, text, phone, email, Constant Contact, and this web site are the  primary methods we use to keep each other up-to-date.  A Social Media committee was formed to determine the most effective and efficient mix.  We’re looking forward to their findings.  The School of Light is open to all Masons and usually cover wide-ranging Masonic topics.

KSA-Fort_Leavenworth-150pxFrom the Valley meeting, look for a renewed energy for our Knights of Saint Andrew.  We have a new group of 32º Scottish Rite Masons who are looking forward to banding together to learn more, start taking ownership of their Scottish Rite experience, and expanding their roles in the Armed Forces Scottish Rite bodies.  Look for opportunities to help get KSA active and thriving again.