Super Melty

Thursday | January 9, 2020 | 1900 Hours

Warm up with your brothers by joining us for a recognition of the recent recipients of the Royal Secret, the Fall 2019 Class, as they receive their 32º Patents. We need everyone on hand for the ceremonial signing of patents for those who want that done.

32º Patents

There is a place along the left side of the Patent labeled Ne Varietur (never changes).  The Masonic usage of this term requires a brother, when he receives his Patent, to affix his name, in his own handwriting, in the margin, as a precautionary measure, which enables distant brethren, by a comparison of the handwriting, to recognize the true and original owner of the certificate, and to detect any impostor who may surreptitiously have obtained one.

Many brothers frame and display their Patent.  There are many instances when aged brothers discarded most of their worldly effects to minimize the burden to their heirs when liquidating of their estate. Yet, they retained a prominently displayed Patent. Their Masonic journey was so important and the Patent so ornate that it remained long after most of the life-long attained accolades have been left to dust and decay. Some brothers fold their Patent into a special, Scottish Rite franked pouch.

Whether folding or not, new Patent recipients may have their brothers sign their names in the large margin. By affixing their signature, a brother provides a token that he will continue to be close to his brother throughout his life.